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3D Scanned Lightweight Gun Stock

A lightweight carbon fibre gun stock for back country hunting missions in NZ. 

Glacier Rifle Company produce some of the best lightweight rifles in the world. They have an understanding of performance needs from first-hand experience in the rugged New Zealand terrain. With a passion for hunting, Glacier Rifles have designed their rifles in order to maximise performance through accuracy, weight, reliability and ease of carry.

Glacier Rifle Company came to MWDesign looking for help to develop a new range of lightweight carbon fibre rifle stocks, for hunters to use in the rugged back country of New Zealand. Carrying a rifle with a solid wooden stock can add a lot of weight to a hunter when hiking around New Zealand's rugged country, especially on pest control missions which can last for days at a time. 

MWDesign used their 3D scanner, to create a high resolution laser scan, replicating the surface of an existing custom stock. We then used the scan data to modify it using CAD software,  digitally straightening and adjusting the stock comb (cheek weld) for specific requirements given by Glacier. We shortened the fore-end as well as adjusted areas of the stock to suit the lay of carbon fibre around the fluted barrel and pistol grip cap. 

Several 1:1 scale 3D prints were made to access form, fit and feel. Some things are impossible to see on a computer screen, so having a 3D printed model added a lot of value to the design process and sped up the development of the stock design with Glacier.


We then made a tool split with the 3D model, and provided the CAD data for Glacier Rifles to CNC from Billet aluminium. 

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