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Our design process begins with in-depth technical and scientific research to provide a solid starting block to launch our ideas from. We look at the existing market, the environment the product will be used in, who will be using it and how will they be interacting with it.

Following our product familiarising research, this phase includes quick fire concept design & ideation based around technical, ergonomic and environmental parameters. This is then followed by concept development through aesthetic and mechanical design. 

We work with you to understand and overcome problems along the way to generate, develop and refine concepts through sketching, 3D modelling and renders. We ensure the concepts will be fit for purpose, look great and match the user's needs. We generate a range of options that will open your mind to innovative solutions that tackle the problem in a unique way to stand out against your competitors.


Client Collaboration Meeting
User & Market Research


Concept Development

Preliminary Costs for Manufacture

Focused Concept Development



This second design stage involves true product & industrial design. This stage is dedicated to making the product come to life.


Our refined concepts are transformed into prototypes that allow you to visualise the product in more detail by exploring the shape, size, weight, material and mechanical function. We have our in-house workshop, 3D printers, lasercutter, waterjet cutter and a range of specialised manufacturing facilities in close vicinity who can help bring the concepts into a tactile object for you to give us critical feedback on. This is the time to test and play with the ideas before moving forward into methods of manufacture and finalising the form, texture, colours and brand identity.

We develop methodology for manufacture, gain insight into the costs involved with the manufacture of the product, develop CAD models in 3D and produce a functional, aesthetic prototype for vigorous field testing within our target user group and market. 


Component Design for Assembly

Material & Textural Specification

Electrical Design

Technical Control Drawings


Field Test
Final Design Initiation


This design stage is dedicated to the manufacture of the product.  

MWDesign works closely with the client and liaises with manufacturers, managing any tooling that is needed to ensure we achieve the best outcome of the product, at the best price.

We work with you to ensure the product will make a smooth transition into market, with the necessary standards, certifications, branding and packaging to attract your target market, grow your customer numbers and grow sales.


Manufacturer Engagement

Tooling Management

Patent Drawings

Standards & Compliance Certification

Production Overview

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