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We have an awesome new 3D scanner! We can get achieve detailing down to 0.025mm and can scan objects up to 3m cubed. 


We can scan anything, anywhere. 

We can accelerate the design process, and take products to manufacture faster with more detail.

We can see real-time mesh visualisation, as it can scan 1,300,000 measurements per second. The 3D scanner is great to: 

Design components when CAD files are not available.
Reverse engineer critical parts in rugged and harsh environments.

Digitalize complex physical objects.
Measure clay models and ensuring accurate data acquisition for CAD files.

Reduce the number of iterations when designing a tooling.
Inspect 100% of the surface when producing a die.

Design highly specialized replacement parts for components located in hard-to-reach places.
Repair products using reverse engineering.

Read more about our scanner here.

3D Printer
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