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Our design process begins with in-depth research to provide an overview of the market, target audience and competing brands. This helps us to gauge the company's current or potential position in their target market. 

We then look into the desired company values, mission and history of the company, as well as what their people represent and what their products achieve. 

Following our research, this phase includes quick-fire ideation and concept design based around the logo stamp, fonts and colours. This is then followed by concept development to refine our designs and choose colours and fonts to work with that we believe will represent both the company and what they are trying to achieve in the best way possible. 


Client Collaboration Meeting
User & Market Research


Concept Development

Preliminary Costs for Manufacture

Focused Concept Development



This design stage is dedicated to making the brand and assets come to life through design development and prototyping. 

Brand manuals are created to assist with guiding the use of colours, fonts, spacing and branding assets in a considered and concise method. 

Business cards, packaging, website concepts and other graphic assets are prototyped in this stage. We work alongside our clients to ensure the brand and assets stay true to the company values, their people and product. 

By the end of this phase, we have fully refined designs ready for print, or for web application. 


Design Development

Brand Manual

Material Research


Final Design Proofs


This design stage is dedicated to the launching the brand, graphic or digital assets. 

MWDesign works closely with the client and liaises with printers or website developers, managing any tooling that is needed for die cutting for packaging etc to ensure we achieve the best outcome of the product, at the best price.

We work with you to ensure the brand assets will attract your target market, grow your customer numbers and grow sales.


Printer Engagement

Tooling Management

Production Overview

Management of Assets

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