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MWDesign is a product design agency,
specialising in industrial design, or product design for manufacture. 


MWDesign is all about the research and development of artefacts for future growth and profit.

We can translate ideas and words into visual and physical artefacts through honest design and manufacture.


We are the link between vision and reality.  Through design, we help business develop and grow. We achieve results through design led thinking, helping organisations build creative culture, uncover latent needs of their customers and develop  innovative products and services.

Established in London 1997, MWDesign moved home to New Zealand in 2000 where we spent the next five years in Auckland. Since 2005 we have based ourselves in sunny Hamilton along the grassy banks of the mighty Waikato River. Recently, we have also expanded into Mount Maunganui, providing product design services in Tauranga.

This year marks 2
6 years of MWDesign. 


At MWDesign, we choose design projects that have a good story and a good person behind them.


We want to be positively enhancing society through
industrial design, manufacture and production,
impacting people and the world in a positive way. 


We place high value on research and development, brainstorming and conceptualising as a tool to expose potential possibilities and solutions.

Every project has its own unique challenges and constraints, therefore it’s important to tailor the approach to the specific project.


We approach each product design project with an open mind, challenging ourselves and our clients for better ways
to design and create products while applying a proven planning
and thinking process.


Through a thorough understanding of key elements such as aesthetics, functionality and manufacturing techniques, we are able to deliver innovative product design solutions across a multitude of commercial and consumer applications.


We often get asked "what's industrial design?" or "what's involved in being an industrial designer?" Many people still don't understand what an industrial designer is, what our role is or why it's important. 

Industrial design involves designing and developing products for mass production.


We focus on form, function and ergonomics, specified for the end user of the product.


We look at the value of the product to the user, and the experience they may have with it. We design the product around the environment it will be used in, how it will be used and why it is used by that person. 

We can design products to be durable and long-lasting, or we can design products to be disposed of in a way that will leave little to no footprint on the planet. We research materials, we explore textures, colours and finishes. We design our products for ease of manufacture. We design products for solving problems, reducing waste and reducing cost.  We design products to attract the consumer, to spark interest and innovation.


We design products to improve the environment,
or improve the lives of our users. 

Still not quite sure what industrial design is? Here's a quirky video that we like that will help you to understand it a bit better!



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