who we are

MWDesign is a multi disciplinary design consultancy with a human centric design approach. Through design, we help business develop and grow. MWDesign achieve results through design led thinking, helping organizations build creative culture, uncover latent needs of their customers and develop innovative products and services.

Established in London 1997, MWDesign moved home to New Zealand in 2000 where we spent the next five years in Auckland. With more than 50% of our work load represented by Agritec segment, in 2006 we decided that we needed to be closer to the action and moved to the Waikato. MWDesign currently resides in the heart of Hamilton in Garden Place.

what we do 

Industrial design or graphic design the process is the same. We begin our ideation process by asking, looking and trying using a range of tools to expose potential possibilities and solutions. Every project has its own unique challenges and constraints. It’s important to tailor the approach to your specific project.

We approach each design project with an open mind, challenging ourselves and our clients for better ways to design and create products while applying a proven planning and thinking process. With a thorough understanding of key elements such as aesthetics, functionality and manufacturing techniques, we are able to deliver an innovative design solution across a multitude of commercial and consumer applications.