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Anago Analyzer a230

Development & Redesign of Current
Knife Sharpness Testing Machine

Anago came to MWDesign looking for a design refresh of their knife sharpness testing machine. 

We stripped back the overall shape of the machine, removing unnecessary excess material and weight. MWDesign redesigned elements of the machine to improve user experience, function and overall aesthetics. 

The footprint of the machine has been reduced to be more compact, and the shape has been redesigned to allow for easier lifting/moving. 

Hand-holds were built into clear acrylic hinging doors, for a cleaner, slimline look. The clear acrylic covers allow for better viewing of the knife and material rolls during testing. 


An in-built touchscreen screen with adjustable viewing angle removes the need for an additional laptop. The screen has larger button controls and is compatible with gloves. 


Built in storage for the calibration mass and additional USB ports are some of the many simple additional design features. 

For more information please visit the Anago website. 

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