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CARRY IT is a multi-tool to carry, lift, leaver and align. 

The task was to design a product to help builders move and install Gib. The product prevents harm to Gib and Builder.

For any builder Gib or dry wall is a bugger to install, it comes in large brittle sheets and is heavy when installing on a ceiling. Sam Perrin an experienced builder came to MWDesign with an idea to help with this problem. His concept was a muti-tool to carry, lift, leaver and align. MWDesign helped Sam realize the potential for CARRY IT.

The CARRY IT sports an ergonomic handle to disperse 50kg plus across your hand. Wet and dirty hands aren’t a problem with the CARRY IT’s non slip grip. All this means a happier building crew and a faster construction period.

CARRY IT was specifically designed to allow you to walk through a doorway without having to dip down to avoid damaging the GIB. Using the foot leaver allows you to use both hands to support and screw the GIB in place. The roof support also significantly reduces damage to the GIB.

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