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New mastitis testing technology in an easy to use and affordable device. 

Mastitis is a major problem in dairy herds worldwide and causes reduced production, loss of milk quality and ultimately loss of income for farmers.

The Herdsman SCC is a new hand-held sensor that dairy farmers can use in the shed for detection of sub-clinical mastitis, enabling them to manage the health of their animals and assisting them in drying-off treatment decisions.

Current methods of measuring the SCC or somatic cell count  in milk is by sending a sample to a laboratory, or installing fully automated equipment with large capital outlay. which is both inconvenient and time-consuming. The Herdsman SCC provides farmers with the ability to check for
sub-clinical mastitis in the shed at cow-side and have results in seconds. 


Fully automated mastitis equipment is too expensive for the general market. Herdsman SCC is an inexpensive tool for simple and direct measurement of SCC right at cow-side. The Herdsman SCC is a handheld sensor you will always keep within reach of your dairy farm milking staff. The Herdsman SCC is affordable for every dairy farmer, and a must have on the farm!

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