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Brand development and application of website, pull up banners, business cards, tshirts and app design. 

Mastitis is a major problem in dairy herds worldwide and causes reduced production, loss of milk quality and ultimately loss of income for farmers.

The Herdsman SCC is a new hand-held sensor that dairy farmers can use in the shed for detection of sub-clinical mastitis, enabling them to manage the health of their animals and assisting them in drying-off treatment decisions.

As well as designing the product, MWDesign was tasked with coming up with a name and brand for the product. 

Herdsman SCC was born, and a logo was developed alongside the product. As the Herdsman was going to be showcased at the NZ Fieldays, we needed to represent the brand through a range of media such as business cards, t-shirts, website, mobile app and pull-up banners. 

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