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Māori inspired packaging to compliment the cookie cutters.

This packaging was designed for selling the Kuki Reka Kani cookie cutters inTwo sizes of packaging were designed: one box for a single cookie cutter, and the second for a 3 set of cookie cutters. 

The boxes are designed to be used as secure and professional packaging for the Rauawaawa Kaumatua Charitable Trust to present their cutters as gift boxes, or courier orders to their customers in.

The packaging needed to be able to hold the cookie cutters safely, and protect them from damage during shipping, especially overseas.   

We designed an insert for the boxes for the handles of the cutters to push through, and then be clicked up or down in the insert depending on the shape of the design, in order to centralise the cookie cutter in the box. 

The exterior of the boxes showcase the woven pattern of a kete, a traditional basket that Māori used to fetch and carry food in, traditionally woven from the leaves of New Zealand flax (harakeke).

The exterior of the box also has a printed address label, QR code and website information, as well as tick boxes for each cookie cutter design to allow workers packaging the orders to identify which cutters are in which boxes quickly and efficiently. 

The box does not use any plastic or glues, making it 100% recyclable. 

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