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FastTT Bike Accessories - Renders

High-resolution renders of FastTT bike accessories. 

Wayne from FastTT approached MWDesign looking for some high-resolution renders of his bike accessory designs, to use for marketing purposes through instagram and his website. 

MWDesign used high-quality rendering software to replicate materials like carbon fibre, foam pad inlays and brass fasteners whilst applying the FastTT branding across the range of products. 

We used different lighting and material effects, as well as a range of angles, to showcase the designs of the FastTT range. We were able to assemble and explode different componentry for instruction manuals and dimensioning. 

The resulting renders have allowed FastTT customers to visualise the product carefully from a range of angles before purchasing, and have generated a lot of interest and sales for FastTT. 

The products are now being used by a number of professional cycling athletes across the globe in triathlon, TT and track pursuit racing. 


"During the product development phase, Georgia from MWDesign prepared a set of high quality renders of our carbon aero bars to support our pre-launch marketing. The quality of the renders was so realistic that we actually had customers placing orders before any units had been produced. The ability to showcase a high value product
pre-launch was a major win for our global marketing programme, and fast-tracked our early sales efforts. MWD is now an integral part of our supply partner team and assist us on a number of initiatives."

Wayne Attwell

Founder - FastTT

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