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An award winning chair that moves in sync with your body. 

MWDesign provided design solutions for the back rest, covering skin, arms and arm mechanism.

Following on the success of the Life Chair, over million chairs sold in the USA alone. We were invited back to work on the next big joint project between USA giant Knoll and Formway. The Be chair project named “Special K” was to be a lighter, leaner, meaner and cheaper chair than the Life Chair, that could fill the void between the classic task chairs and the plush executive chairs like the Life Chair.

MWDesign needed to liaise between the CAD platforms of Knoll and Formway. Knoll, being a USA company utilise Creo [ProEngineer] while Formway are based in Solidworks.

MWDesign take pride in being ambidextrous in our CAD systems. These skills enabled us to complete the design work and move onto prototyping and manufacture.

The Be Chair was shaping up to be a breakthrough in ergonomic and environmental design, an inter-modal design allowing and supporting all body shapes and made from 99% recyclable material. An award winning chair that moves in sync with your body. This product was revolutionary in so many areas of design and engineering that there are over 20 patents on design, materials and processes.

To purchase the Formway Be Chair, please contact Cemac Interiors.
+64 839 5145

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