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F3 Series Fence Controller

MWDesign Provide mechanical design as part of the Gallagher F3 Fence Controller R&D team.

MWDesign were the mechanical design team for this project working both onsite and remotely throughout the project from concepts through prototypes to tooling for production.

The F3 Fence Controller is a single energizer platform that does everything from simple single fence zone protection to complex multi-controller, multi technology, fully networked solutions.

Two Configurations, deployable as a stand-alone fence controller (for use with an alarm panel), or as a fully networked controller with a full suite of integrated capabilities. Configurations can be changed easily with an onboard switch.

Service Mode & Magnetic Key, service mode allows an operator to control zones while fault finding and testing. A magnetic key allows historic alarm indications to be cleared and, when in service mode, circuits can also be turned on and off.

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