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Preventing fuel vapour from venting into the atmosphere. 

Can fuel vapour be captured and sold?

MWDesign helped develop a new central vacuum pump housing and upgraded a range of pumps, to accommodate the vapour recovery hardware.

Vapour Management System (VMS) pumps have been developed, as part of Gallagher Fuel Systems Future Forecourts initiative, to prevent fuel vapour venting into the atmosphere during the dispensing process. The fuel vapour you smell as you fill your car is an expensive chemical, dangerously carcinogenic to humans, and a major pollutant to the environment. The escaping vapour is known to contribute to climate change.

Instead our VMS system captures and returns the vapour to a holding tank. Vapour Recovery is simplified with various innovative solutions that negotiate the complex process of compliance. At the same time they provide a return on investment by converting vapour to saleable fuel.

These solutions go beyond global compliance. They introduce compelling commercial reasons to buy. Being compliant and environmentally responsible is a real consideration and can even give an edge on the competitors. The first VMS pumps were installed at a brand new service station built for Shell in Sydney at the start of 2010.

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