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Golden Grove Honey
Brand & Packaging

Brand and packaging redesign. 

Golden Grove produces world class honey, and we thought that their brand & packaging needed to represent the quality of their products. 

Golden Grove is based in the valley of  Tāneatua, just out of Whakatane. Surrounded by Tarawera and Te Urewera ranges, the logo and branding needed to focus on the history of where this small family business started their apiary in 1974. 

The logo not only portrays a stylised bee, but also an aerial view of the hills surrounding the apiary. Offset arcing lines  of the hills follow the central line representing Whakatane River. The body and stinger of the bee also shows a golden tree, with trunk and branches.  The wings of the bee can be seen as clouds behind the tree. 

The honey labels have a thin stylised line drawing of Te Ureweras. Positioning the bee above the hills implies how far Golden Groves workers fly to source their flowers. 

The jars needed to be lightweight for shipping, so we decided on a frosted plastic jar, with recycled plastic screw top lid. The lid has a soft-feel, with the Golden Grove bee logo embossed on top. Hexagonal jars represent the honeycomb, whilst a speckled yellow pollen pattern moulded into the lids adds the final touch to these beautiful jars of liquid gold. 

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