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Golf BOAR Branding

Logo & website design for the Golf BOAR

Golf BOAR is a golfing device for your backyard to help you practice your swing. It needed branding, a website and a kickstarter campaign to help launch the idea and get it noticed. 

The Golf BOAR (Ball On A Rope) logo needed to capture the public's eye as a unique and fun way to practice golf. The abbreviation becoming BOAR gave us no choice but to embrace the four legged creature in all its glory and have it as the Golf BOAR mascot!

Once the logo design was done, a brand manual was established in order to proceed with website and kickstarter campaign design. Colours and assets of the Golf BOAR logo were reflected in the designs. 

The logo needed to be able to be used as a stamp for printing onto various assets like the golf balls,  hats, shirts etc as well as be machined into the injection moulding tooling for manufacturing the Golf BOAR device. 

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