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Building-supported, lightweight, fully-configurable construction safety system. 

The task was to design a building-supported, light weight construction safety system that is fast to assemble and easy to use.


Increased safety is slowing the building process and has increased the costs of construction. The industry needed the application of some serious design thinking.

Intaks scaffolding system is a light weight fully configurable construction safety system. Intaks quickly provides simple safe and affordable protection while allowing all trades access.

Intaks has to comply with AS 1577 and AS 6001 for standard scaffolding. All of our design thinking and concept work had to be filtered or tempered by these standards. Creating a safe work site for the entirety of the construction process means that the scaffolding often needs to be reconfigured for the task.

Intaks can be hung from an existing structure of the building, alternately you can build it up from the ground anchoring it off a supporting wall or jack it up under a balcony or eave. Either way Intaks leaves a very light footprint compared to conventional scaffolding.

When installing a gutter around the perimeter of a house Intaks creates and effective motorway of activity. The subbies love it because they’re 50% faster and can move to another job sooner. Intaks takes about 40 minutes to install around an average house, meaning no one has to wait to start.

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