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An award-winning standalone, compact biosecurity system.

The Jacson Cube® is an award winning, standalone biosecurity system that includes everything you need to safely, easily and effectively clean and disinfect your footwear.

It’s been designed to prevent the spread of disease and weeds within and between farms, orchards and workplaces. 

Taking less than one minute to set up and use on arrival and two minutes on departure, the Jacson Cube® wastes no time getting the job done. The built-in lid handle and foot grate both support good health and safety practice by providing stability during use.

The innovative rotating brush design pulls out from the Cube to keep dirt away from the unit.  Using pressure from your foot the brush moves around for ease of use and longer life. Simply connect to a hose using the 13mm clip-on hose connector (included). Water is directed upward into the brush, cascading over and under the boot for a thorough clean. The conveniently located tap controls water flow at the unit.

When there’s no connected water supply available, the 3 litre reservoir supplies the fluid needed to clean your boots and footwear. Simply use the power spray applicator to sluice off debris and seeds and then use the supplied hand brush to finish your cleaning, which can be stowed in disinfectant in the non-draining storage compartment. Use the power spray applicator to finish the protocol, sluicing off any final dirt residue, and leaving your footwear covered in disinfectant.

The power spray applicator draws liquid from the 3 litre reservoir and applies disinfectant in a flat, concentrated fan pattern, providing even, broad coverage with minimum effort.  For a cost-effective application, four sprays per foot (1 on top, 1 each side and 1 on the bottom) should give complete coverage. The high pressure spray also complements the two-brush cleaning system by sluicing off debris and seed from your footwear. It can also be used to give your unit an all-over clean after use.

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