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Combating the spread of Kauri Dieback Disease through people. 

Can public perception be turned around on Kauri Dieback?

Part of the MPI and DOC campaign to arrest the spread of Kauri Dieback, MWDesign developed and now produce a range of products to help combat that spread. 

Our stations have been designed with two things in mind - the trees and the people. Our priority is to use design to combat the spread of dieback disease by people. We have created a station that allows people to clean their shoes efficiently and effectively by providing sheltered stations at the entrance of NZ forest tracks.

Designed for high traffic sites or to be airlifted into back country locations, the All Track Dieback Station collects its own water and auto-mixes the Sterigene disinfectant at the correct ratio every time.

​The All Track Dieback Station improves user experience and usage by more than 90% while it also reduces ranger maintenance requirements, paying for itself in less than a year.

Hikers are able to remove any dirt on their boots on the brushes mounted to the floor grating, before stepping onto the foot treadle, which triggers it to spray a fine mist of diluted Sterigene (a chemical which disinfects and kills bacterial organisms) onto the soles of their shoes. If their boots are caked in mud, hikers can sit on the provided seats and use a hand brush and drench gun to remove any excess dirt before disinfecting with Sterigene. 

DOC’s public usage study shows a massive 98% compliance by visitors both on the way in and out of trails since installing the station as opposed to a previous 30%.

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