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Māori inspired packaging to compliment the cookies and cookie cutters.

This packaging was designed for selling the Kuki Reka cookies in. The design was based around the kete, a traditional basket that Māori used to fetch and carry food in. Kete are traditionally woven from the leaves of New Zealand flax (harakeke) and have two handles at the top. The packaging displays the traditional weave pattern of the flax.


The internal lining of the packaging displays the cookie pattern imprint and colour of each of the Kuki Kani which reflects sacred places of Aotearoa to the Māori; Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington Harbour), Tongariro, Mount Taranaki, Lake Taupō, Hakarimata Scenic Reserve and Kapowairua (Spirits Bay.) These colours compliment each other whilst also assist Kaumātua connect to their heritage and iwi. The packaging displays a story about each design of the cookie, including traditional Maori myths, legends and symbol representation. 

The packaging needed to include the requirements for food packaging standards in NZ including ingredients, net weight, nutritional info, manufacture information and contact details. 


The packaging has a window cut out to view the cookie pattern. The kete is made from a 365gsm cardboard that is easily recycled. The cookies are sealed in a biodegradable plastic bag inside the Kete. 

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