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Lazy Like A Fox 

Logo & website design for an industrial designer's online store. 

Lazy Like A Fox is an online shop for industrial designers and product designers to purchase stationery and essentials for sketching, designing and making products. 

The saying means to be clever like a fox, and find the most efficient ways to get the job done by using other people's knowledge, discoveries and ideas, to save you time and energy in the long run. 

The logo design needed to be quirky, attractive and bright, whilst capturing the essence of the phrase.

Negative detailing, white space and clean lines are used in the design to express a modern logo. 

The logo needed to be able to be used as a stamp for embossing into some of the products. The length of the logo, and reduced height, enable it to be printed onto pens and pencils too. 

A WIX website was created by MWDesign too, with colours and assets of the Lazy Fox logo reflected in the design. 

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