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Logo design and a brand manual for MaaraTech, a robotics and AI company developing devices and systems for harvesting and improving orchards and vineyards. 

MaaraTech develop wearable devices and artificial
intelligence systems for orchardists and vintners to
maximize fruit value and help workers make better and more consistent decisions. A focus is placed on Mātauranga Māori, cultural heritage, knowledge and IP in the co-design and adoption of new technologies.


MaaraTech’s logo was inspired by elements used in the designs for fruit harvesters such as the robotic claw which picks the fruit. This is reflected as a three-fingered mechanical hand, grasping onto a blueberry, one of MaaraTech’s primary focal fruit orchards. The hexagonal bolts reflect the external shape of the claw, giving the logo a mechanical or technical appearance. The claw also represents the M and T in MaaraTech. The pattern in the blueberry is suggestive of Māori plants and the Koru. This expresses the focus on Mātauranga Māori and cultural heritage. The blue colours were taken from images of blueberries and the deep
purple Te Kauwhata grapes.

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