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A spouting system to withstand New Zealand's prolonged and heavy rainfalls. 

The task was to design and test a spouting and downpipe system that will withstand New Zealand's rainfall and more. The design also must consider the environment as well as being aesthetically applicable.

Most areas of New Zealand experience between 600–1600mm of rainfall. With this in mind you need a strong performing spouting and downpipe system.


We worked with Marley to design a new spouting profile for their range called Marley Typhoon® that specifically promoted the efficient flow of rain water and when used in conjunction with Marley’s RP80® 80mm round downpipe system, it can withstand prolonged heavy rainfall.

The Marley Stratus Design Series® was launched in October 2011 and features Marley’s Typhoon® spouting and RP80® round downpipe systems and are now available in titanium and copper hybrid-metallic finishes. Metallic coloured finishes were designed with New Zealand homes in mind. We think the half round profile will complement any style of home from beach house to the modern home.

Marley spouting and downpipe systems are lightweight and energy efficient to transport. They are 100% recyclable, non-toxic and non-hazardous to the environment. The co-extruded spouting and downpipe system with its coloured outer layer is guaranteed for 15 years. It will never rust or corrode, no matter what elements your home are exposed to.

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