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Logo & packaging design for
North Island Mussels NZ. 

This was a conceptual visualisation project pitched to North Island Mussels. 

MWDesign redesigned the current North Island Mussels Logo, to define the shape of the mussel more and bring in tones of the green-lipped mussel, using watercolours, to reflect the influence of the sea.

A serif font was chosen to compliment the watercolour logo, portraying nautical themes of traditional charts used for navigating the oceans. Three lines intersect the logo, representing both the growth rings of the mussel, as well as topographical lines of traditional charts. 

Packaging was designed for North Island Mussels to sell half-shelled marinated mussels in supermarkets. A durable, reuseable dish made from recycled sea plastic holds roughly 15 half-shelled mussels, ready for the barbeque. An easy-peel foil lid is attached to the rim of the dish, using natural adhesive. 

The graphic designs of the packaging reflect the watercolour theme of the logo, as well as incorporating colours inspired from the flavours of the marinade. Depth contour lines are again reflected in some of the packaging designs. 

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