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Par Par Birdie Branding

Brand development for a golf inspired vintage board game. 

Par Par Birdie is a stylised golfing board game, originally designed by Geoffrey Fuller, that enables players to engage in a round of golf in their own home or golf club.

Par Par Birdie is a family owned and designed game, taking
inspiration from the Hawkes Bay region of New Zealand, where the Fullers resided for many years. It was here where Geoffrey took much of his inspiration for his artwork, and where he contributed to the region’s art sector so significantly.

The game reflects Art Deco graphic aspects, typical of Napier city, located in Hawkes Bay. It also pays homeage to Cape Kidnappers golf course, a local beautiful 18 holes set on Napier’s coastal cliffs.

Par Par Birdie is a fun, family board game, that closely reflects a real game of 9 holes of golf. Using both skill and luck, players make their way from the tee box, choosing a club to hit their ball along the fairway, past rough and water to reach the green.


Par Par Birdie’s Logo was inspired by the Art Deco period, as well as vintage logos, which hero the brand name through typeface designs.

The pinstripe font of BIRDIE! as well as the arcing shapes of Par Par is typical of art deco lettering. Modern vintage designs typically use sans-serif typefaces, as seen in the logo design.

Flat contrasting colours of yellow and green help to reflect the “vintage” feel of the design, without dating the logo itself. The dark green portrays the grass colour in golf fairways.

The logo stamp uses recognisable golfing equipment to create an art deco stylised bird, to represent “Birdie.” The legs of the bird is a golf tee, the main bird body with spotted belly is the golf ball with dimples, while the tail and crest of the bird is an iron club.

The overall shape of the bird also reflects a “P” for Par Par, while the tail and handle end of the club reflects the pinstripe in the typeface of Birdie.

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