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Informative medical packaging for all sizes of the Pepi Splint.

We were tasked with designing a simple, beautiful package for our delicate pepi splints to be wrapped up in. The pepi splint is a silicone based splint designed for IV use on premature babies. 

The packaging needed to be clear, informative and meet requirements of typical products for hospital use. 

We wanted to eliminate plastic packaging, which often inundates the hospitals from medical products. Due to our pepi splints being able to be auto-claved for reuse within the hospital, our product did not need any plastic wrapping. 

A simple cardboard envelope, allows the edges to fold over one another, encasing the splint. This keeps dirt and dust from penetrating the packaging, keeping the silicone clean. 

Informative step by step illustrative instructions are located on the internal central face of the packaging. This engages the user to read the instructions, as the pepi splint is placed directly on top of these, exposing the instructions when the pepi splint is removed. 

The packaging reflects the soft pastel colours of the splints themselves, which can be calming to busy nurses working on shift.
A small pepi heart seals the package closed at the back.


When folded, the back exposes the necessary medical symbols for a quick visual guide on how the product is to be used without the need to open the product. 

Each size/weight is in its own coloured package to reflect the colour of the splint. 

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