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Polytape Handle

Multi-use electric fence handle. 

Taragate approached MWDesign looking for a modern ergonomic solution for an electric fence handle that could be used as both an insulating and live connection. 

A rigorous design process resulted in endless revisions to ensure the outcome was a quality product that ticked all the boxes that a farmer needs. 

The slimline tough handle has been designed to fit comfortably into the farmers hand with secure finger grips underneath and thumb on top. 

The insulated double overlay connection design flexes over fencing wire and ensures the handle cannot slip off the wire. A leading chamfered edge on the end allows for an easy, smooth connection to the wire, tape or tree branch with a one-handed operation. 

Polytape can be tied onto the wire loop at the base of the handle. The handle can then be clipped onto fencing wire or polytape, using either the pigtail double overlay (insulated) or the small plastic hook (live), enabling the fence to be made live from either the reel or handle end of the boundary. 

The streamlined shape of the handle makes it easy to be pulled through the grass when being wound in on the reel.


The wire segment has been in-moulded into durable, UV and weather resistant insulating plastic, giving farmers confidence out in the field. The red colour not only reflects the Taragate brand, but makes it easy to spot in the grass when being wound in. 


Cutaway sections in the design allow the product to be more lightweight, and reduce cost during manufacture as well as for the end user. 

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