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Those thieving bastards:

Calling out bad people is always a risky venture, isn't it? It's part of my nature to expose wrongdoing when I come across it. We're committed to standing by our clients, which is why we've made the tough call not to disclose names. But rest assured, the stories are spot-on. Kama has witnessed it, and so have I.

A month or two back, my place got hit by some lowlife. Cleaned me out, took everything worth a damn—including my prescription shades, of all things. Creeped me out, and I was plenty pissed. But Hamilton’s finest caught the guy, thanks to some slick CCTV. Back in the slammer he went. You know, it got me thinking about the trust my clients put in MWDesign. Good design ain’t just about making things look pretty—it’s about solid business. It’s about respect, integrity. When someone rips off your hard work, they’re not just taking stuff—they’re taking trust.

See, good design, it’s worth a helluva lot more than what some punk stole from my home. It’s about the sweat, the late nights, the damn dedication poured into every prototype, every detail. When clients choose us, they’re saying, “We trust you to deliver.”So, when some rat-faced imitator tries to cash in on that trust, they’re messing with more than just products. They’re messing with reputations, and relationships. That’s why we fight tooth and nail—because good design, it’s worth defending. It’s worth standing up for. It’s the heart of what we do at MWDesign.

And let me tell you, those clients who stick with us through thick and thin, they know it too. They know that trust goes both ways. So, yeah, good design? It’s worth every damn ounce of trust we earn.this year alone three of our clients were hit with industrial plagiarism in different flavors. Here’s one for you: 

Client 1: A Success Story of Partnership and Growth

Been in Agribusiness since God knows when. Small fry compared to the big shots, but nimble and global. They breathe design, thrive on innovation. Then, a Kiwi outfit in a related field wants a house brand, signs an NDA. We spill our guts—latest designs, prototypes, tests, failures, the works. All peachy until they go dark.

Months later? Bam! Their catalog’s sporting our product’s doppelgänger. Clear breach, plain and simple. We start with stern letters—crickets. Threaten legal action—tumbleweeds blow through. Time to swing back. Gathered emails, CAD files, 3D print dates—built our case like a fortress. Court date set, gloves off, ready to rumble!

And whaddya know? They folded like a cheap suit. Handsome settlement in our pocket, no courtroom drama needed. Lesson learned? Dot your i’s, cross your t’s. Document everything like your company’s life hangs in the balance. No shortcuts, cover your rear, keep records—every damn thing.

That’s how you give these bastards a bloody nose.

Client 2: Unveiling the Success Story

Back in 2005, I designed this outdoor product. It was elegant in its simplicity, effective as hell, and easy to make. Soon became the go-to for outdoorsy types. Fast forward to 2021, enter the copycats. Didn’t even change the damn font on the logo. Cheeky bastards!

At first, their piece of the pie was small. My client shrugged it off—imitation, they say, is flattery. But then sales started tanking. They undercut us on price, but lacked the real deal. No intellectual property to speak of, and our brand was fading like an old pair of jeans.

So, what did we do? We listened. Listened hard to what our customers were saying after all those seasons. Took that feedback, got down to business skunkworks style. Designed, prototyped, and boom! New and improved, off the charts in field tests. 130% better in almost every damn metric.

Took us a season to refine it. But in doing so, we cracked the code for other big markets too. Strategy in 2024? Same as 2005. IP’s a costly game, especially going global. Spend on design, on brand. Be the champ, hit harder than Tyson in his prime. That’s the way you stay on top.

The Third Client: A Success Story of Growth and Transformation

The most recent rip-off? Fresh as a daisy, only a few months old. Our client, a dairy farmer with a nose for what’s needed, he’s a real go-getter. Not the type to shout unless something’s really got under his skin. And this rip-off? It’s cut him deep.

We cooked up this modular system maybe six, seven years back, been a solid performer since. Now, our nemesis ain’t from halfway across the globe. Nah, this time it’s the West Island, Australia. They’re like a copycat factory down there, not just nipping at our client but taking bites out of other Kiwi brands too. Same thing, different name, same color—hell, you could swap parts between them like Lego.

IP? Shaky at best. Other brands? Dithering, wringing their hands. No action taken, far as I know. So, what’s our move? Our gear’s paid for, our brand’s a global player in our field. Our client, though? He’s not holding back. Slashed prices, ramped up the marketing. Everywhere they set foot, he’s roaring like a silverback gorilla.Surprised? You bet. Mild-mannered guy like him? Don’t cross him.  *Note to self: tread lightly around this fella.

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