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Automatically identify standing heats by reading EZ heat patches.

Will cows walk through a tunnel? Can the tunnel protect sensitive measuring equipment in a rural environment?

Building on the success of the rotary shed system, LIC needed a cost effective solution for farms set up with Herringbone milking sheds. Early prototypes showed cows would walk through a tunnel if they can see the way out.

The booth needed to provide uniform lighting conditions in both low winter light and in peak summer light and must protect equipment against harsh elements, away from reach of curious cows. It should be easy to install using standard farm equipment onto current shed pipework.

EZ Heat uses a camera to automatically identify standing heats by reading EZ Heat patches. Integrated with Protrack Vantage® and Vector ®, cows with activated or missing EZ Heat® patches are automatically drafted for further inspection and Artificial Insemination (AI). Heats detected by EZ Heat are also automatically recorded in MINDA® removing manual data entry.

Designed for Herringbone Sheds, when installed with Protrack drafting gate, it allows heat detection integration with auto drafting and body conditioning scoring , its like a second pair of hands in the shed.

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