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A smaller, lighter nail gun. 

S-Gun came to us wanting help to progress their innovative new take of the nail gun. 

Wanting to create a smaller, lighter gun; they asked MWDesign to assist with conceptual designs and mechanical development to take their gun that next step forward. 


Using a mixture of CAD, rendering software, and photoshop, we explored shape, textures and colours of the gun designs to help our client visualise what the S-Gun could look like as a finished product ready for customers. 


Along with prototyping, design engineering and testing, MWDesign has helped S-Gun take the next step forward to getting their revoltionary designs to market. 

The S-gun nail gun is 35% smaller and lighter than conventional guns and yet has more power. S-Gun achieved this while reducing parts counts from over 100 in conventional guns to just 15, with no impact to the power or speed of the gun.

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