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Using light and dark to tell a story. 

The task was to design a product that can control and enhance light to help tell a story in a commercial, retail or art gallery setting.

What is important when telling a story with light?

Selecon's main aim was to address the needs of the end user. MWDesign undertook detailed research into each of Selecon's main markets, Commercial, Retail, Art Gallery and Architectural environments.

Precision in controlling the angle, intensity and spread of light was discovered to be main needs. The aesthetics of the product were also important to fit seamlessly into any to these environments.

MWDesign built the product from the ground up. Taking the initial idea through sketching, developing and prototyping.

The result speaks for itself. The precision achieved by our manufacturing partners has made this profile the premium product in its range. It is easy to use and control with features that allow quick set up, whether you are a curator in a museum or swapping out your shop front display.

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