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Cleaner cows experience improved udder health and milk quality. 

The task was to improve the earlier TailWell Mark 1. Focus was on developing a Tailwell with improved performance and reliability by using less components.


Why do you need to trim a cows tail?

Most Kiwi farmers choose just to trim the 'switch' of the tail and this is now a requirement to supply milk to Fonterra. The switch is the long-haired portion at the end of the tail. Trimming the switch decreases the spread of mud.

Cleaner cows are exposed to fewer pathogens, therefore experience improved udder health and better milk production.

MWDesign developed a new driving mechanism using 80% less components. As sure as form follows function, we developed a new sleek enclosure and a method of assembly for easier servicing. The Mark 2 passed one million cycles, in a prototype enclosure with no oil!

The new TailWell 2 trimmer is really a poster child for deep-green design. Its 100% recyclable, considerably lighter, cheaper to ship and the drill battery lasts much longer. With fewer parts it’s quicker to assemble, service and much cheaper to produce.

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