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Clinical skills training manikin for artificial insemination. 

Suzi AI Pig  is a clinical skills training manikin configured here to teach artificial insemination techniques. 

Practice makes perfect because if you get it wrong, it hurts! A badly inseminated sow wont let anyone inseminate her again, forcing your prize sow to become bacon.


AI Suzi is exported into 10 countries from our distribution center in Tiefenbach, Germany. Suzi can be configured as a birthing pig, blood taking pig and injection pig. 

Suzi Pig has an anatomically correct silicone internal G-tract with cervix, vaginal tube and bladder entrance. When the correct spot is hit with the insemination rod, Suzi Pig will let out a happy little oink to let you know you've got the right place. 

Suzi AI Pig is available to purchase from LIC. 

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