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A tough and durable prosthetic finger. 

Our client came to us in need of a tough, durable and comfortable prosthetic finger.


Having lost half of his middle finger in an accident, he was left with only the proximal phalanx section, limiting his grip and control in his hands. 

He sourced a functional prosthetic finger made from plastic, but with a career in the military, the finger was put under a lot of daily hard use, causing it to break on numerous occasions. 

After a tough, long lasting replacement; we designed a titanium prosthetic functioning finger, with a silicone finger tip. 

The finger is designed to bend and extend, using just the client's proximal phalanx section to control the movements. 

Many revisions of the finger were designed in CAD, 3D printed and tested, to ensure the fit and function of the finger were accurate. 

The final parts are 3D printed titanium and silicone parts, that are then riveted together using stainless steel fasteners. 

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