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Visualisations of conceptual ideas for Tui. 

This was a conceptual visualisation project pitched to Tui Garden Products for modern, urban planters. 

We designed a family of urban planter boxes, as a higher-end, locally-made and more sustainable option than the current Tui planters. 

The planters are made with powdercoated aluminium frames, with UPVC side walls. This makes them lightweight, durable, safe for growing vegetables and weather resistant. The UPVC side walls ensure that the planters don't overheat, which can result in root damage to the plants. 

The planter has a self-watering floating floor, allowing the plants to feed themselves when necessary. The base stand of the planter can be detached, and nested with the main planter for more compact shipping. The planters come in a range of sizes to suit any home or garden. 

Small ceramic and terracotta indoor herb planters were designed to expand the Tui Garden Product range, catering to a wider audience. These modular herb planters can tessellate across your kitchen wall. Easy-mounting brackets allow for quick installation. Terracotta provides good moisture wicking and air flow for the plant foliage, making them a good option for indoor conditions.

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