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A modular skills park to extend and challenge the riding skills of their users. 

Avantidrome Community Trikes provides a programme to assist users who have limited mobility connect with the environment, improve their balance, mobility, confidence and wellbeing through cycling.


MWDesign was asked to design and develop a modular skills park to extend and challenge the riding skills of their users, simulating various real-world obstacles such as kerb cuts, potholes, pavers and slopes.


We created a system of lightweight, configurable modules that can be assembled / disassembled quickly and easily by one person, without tools.


The modular design allows for various set up positions for different difficulty levels and environments.

The high sided edges keep the riders on course whilst the rumble bars provide physical feedback while rubber feet enable the ramps to maintain a sturdy grip on polished concrete floors.


Vivid, high contrast graphics provide directional guides for the riders with visual impairments to follow navigate the obstacles.


The modules can be used individually or joined together, laid flat or raised up off the ground joined to central box. The simple tool-less mechanism allows coaches to swiftly change the obstacle course to vary the difficulty level. 


A full range of obstacles were designed, including see-saws, flat corners, slopes and slalom poles.

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