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Holsim Logo

50% of our projects are designing and developing anatomically correct animal simulators for veterinarian training purposes.  Due to this, we created a company specially focussed on this, called Holsim. 

The Holsim name is a combination of the two words Holistic and Simulation. These two words sum up the basis of the vision for Holsim.

Animal care is affirmed as the priority of Holsim. This is achieved by increasing the skills of practitioners and improving animal welfare by focusing on simulation mannequins as a means of knowledge and skill acquisition.


Holsim design, manufacture and supply high fidelity veterinarian training mannequins to universities and training organisations all around the world. Holsim works closely with local universities to create products that will teach students new skills and that mimic real life situations in a safe learning environment.


Holsim is based in the Waikato region of New Zealand, a region that has a very strong agricultural and technology industries.

Holsim Products

We designed and made this. 

We also designed and make these...

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