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A light, safe and sexy amphibious sport aircraft. 

The task was to create animated renders of the the Wave from CAD data showing the features to potential investors and customers.

When a man’s passion spills over to his work you know something special is about to happen. Paul Vickers decided to give up the day job to design and build the most beautiful amphibious light aircraft ever dreamed of.


Paul's aim from the beginning was to design a cost effective aircraft that felt at home on both land and sea. MWDesign had the privilege of bringing his design alive with a series of renders.

The Wave by Vickers Aircraft Company is packed with enough horse power and special features to make Howard Hughes jealous.

The wave can fly using Avgas or regular petrol, cruse at 222kmph for 1333km or from Herne Bay to Nelson and back. The Wave was designed to fit on a trailer and only require 185 metres of clear water or grass for take off and landings, your weekends will never be the same again.

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