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Logo design and a brand manual for WaiRAS (Waikato Robotics, Automation & Sensing)  who develop machines, devices and systems for agricultural & horticultural applications.  

Waikato Robotics, Automation & Sensing
develop smart machines, robots and visual
sensors to perform day to day operations such as harvesting and grading based on companies’ needs in horticultural and agricultural fields. 

The WaiRAS logo was inspired by electronic circuit boards and wiring diagrams. It also reflects elements of robotic claws and people coming together. The dark grey hexagon reflects an electronic target lens for focusing on surrounding objects when sensing the environment. The negative space around the yellow dots and  between the grey claws also imitates the pulse field between sensors and objects. The dark grey represents metallic components of the robots whilst the yellow is sourced from the traditional Waikato colours. 

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