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Wiks Candle Moulds

Tooling & moulds for refillable candles. 

Wiki Lewer came to MWDesign in need of a reuseable silicone mould to cast her new candle refills for her business 'Wiks.'

She needed a tool that would allow her to set in her distinctive wood wick, straight and centred, and then pour the wax easily and safely into the mould. 

MWDesign designed a mould with an integrated push-to-fit wick locator clip at the bottom of the tool, and lasercut wick centraliser to sit on top of the mould, allowing quick and easy set up of the wooden wick.

We created two different sized tooling, for the candles to fit into their existing glasses. We 3D printed these from resin, which enabled us to include a fine detailed Wiks logo, which would then deboss into the wax candle.


In the tools, we then cast the candle moulds from Sorta Clear silicone, which can withstand high temperatures of melted wax, and would also allow for Wiki to see any potential air bubbles in the wax and remove these before the wax sets. 

The mould allows Wiki to cast consistent candle refills, quickly and efficiently. As her business grows, our tooling design allows us to cast more silicone moulds for her to use in the future, expanding production capabilities without huge expense. 

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