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Zero Fence Standard

A lightweight durable fence standard. 

We were tasked with designing a lightweight fence standard for Taragate, who supplies electric fence accessories to farmers around New Zealand. 

The standard needed to be extremely durable with zero  wear on the top and eliminate any tangling at the foot. 

We incorporated a lightweight but strong 6mm powder coated spring steel shaft at the base, and stabilised the standard with a sharp slimline underside to the foot which pushes and grips into the grass, unable to rotate. The single shaft removes any chance of tangling electric fence tape or other standards around the base. 

The foot is make from a glass filled nylon, to endure the New Zealand farmer stomp without breaking or deforming. Overmoulded onto the steel shaft, the lengthened ends of the foot provide stability for the steel shaft to prevent it from bending, as well as extra shock prevention. 

The multidirectional grip at the top makes it easier for farmers to install and remove the standard from the ground. As well as providing extra rigidity for the steel, the lengthened handle allows for extra insulation for the farmer when handling. 

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